Blog Reboot…

Why a Blog Reboot?

Well, after seven years of incredibly sporadic posting, the momentum behind was well and truly dead and the focus of the blog was out of date.  I could have just started posting again, but I felt that the blog had well and truly died.  My career path has also changed significantly since I bought the domain name, and as I’m also starting again, beginning the journey of becoming a secondary school ICT teacher, so it felt fitting that a ‘reboot’ should be carried out.

As if to prove the point about the dated posts, the most popular page was a recipe for beer battered onion rings, which provided just a handful of visitors a day!  Whilst the recipe undoubtedly produced very excellent and yummy onion rings, deep fried foods should now officially be at odds with my attempt at a ‘healthier lifestyle’.

So it was just time for a complete reset – call it a blog mid-life crisis or simply a “Blog Reboot”, but all of my old (very old) posts have gone.

Therefore I present 2.0: The Blog Reboot!  Here’s to regular posting…

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