Blog Reboot…

Blog Reboot

Why a Blog Reboot?

Well, after seven years of incredibly sporadic posting, the momentum behind was well and truly dead and the focus of the blog was out of date.  I could have just started posting again, but I felt that the blog had well and truly died.  The ‘reboot’ of my professional life, along with my rediscovery of my love for coding, made it feel that a blog ‘reboot’ was necessary.

Reinforcing this decision was that the most popular page was a recipe for beer-battered onion rings (which provided just a few visitors a day!).  Whilst the recipe produced the most excellent and delicious onion rings, deep-fried foods are now officially incompatible with a new ‘healthier lifestyle’.

So it was obvious that the time had come for a complete reset – call it a blog mid-life crisis or simply a “Blog Reboot”, but all of my old (very old) posts have been deleted (if you really need my onion ring recipe then please feel free to browse the Wayback Machine at and today the blog will focus on education, both mine and that of any students (school, online, whatever!) who deem my content worthy of their time.

Therefore I present 2.1(alpha): The Blog Reboot!  Here’s to regular posting…

EDIT [July 2018]:

It has become apparent that procrastination has won over my limited spare time over the last year (in addition to the realities of being an active supply teacher – who absolutely loves teaching Computer Science when I get the chance! Wink Wink).

I could spout many excuses: health, family, work, the cat ate the Internet; however, you’d know that it’s simply just a load of old tosh!  So…. here we are, at the end of July 2018, starting v.2.1. and as a starting point I’m getting rid of my other domains removing any pressure to post on a number of subject regularly.  One blog suits all!

Existing content will probably need to be updated, especially the WJEC Computer Science posts, thanks to the new 2017 specification!

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