Microsoft Innovative Educator Badge

I’m Now a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator!

Achieving qualified teacher status (QTS) can be demanding; learning pedagogical theory, school placements, coursework, lesson planning, etc.  However, I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge and just to add to the workload and to keep my skills relevant and current I felt it was only proper to pursue several ‘industry’ qualifications.

Microsoft Innovative Educator Badge

The idea being that these additional skills should help improve my employability prospects, but will also contribute to improving my subject knowledge and application in a real-world setting.

As such, I am proud to say that I’ve achieved the first (of many) and am I’m Now a Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator!

I know more about Sway and OneNote, and while I’m not yet a Sway convert, I’m certainly going to try lesson planning with OneNote despite being a die-hard EverNote fan.

Time to head over to the Google Training Centre next!

Blog Reboot

Blog Reboot…

Why a Blog Reboot?

Well, after seven years of incredibly sporadic posting, the momentum behind was well and truly dead and the focus of the blog was out of date.  I could have just started posting again, but I felt that the blog had well and truly died.  My career path has also changed significantly since I bought the domain name, and as I’m also starting again, beginning the journey of becoming a secondary school ICT teacher, so it felt fitting that a ‘reboot’ should be carried out.

As if to prove the point about the dated posts, the most popular page was a recipe for beer battered onion rings, which provided just a handful of visitors a day!  Whilst the recipe undoubtedly produced very excellent and yummy onion rings, deep fried foods should now officially be at odds with my attempt at a ‘healthier lifestyle’.

So it was just time for a complete reset – call it a blog mid-life crisis or simply a “Blog Reboot”, but all of my old (very old) posts have gone.

Therefore I present 2.0: The Blog Reboot!  Here’s to regular posting…